Life Coaching

For the 1-2- 1 personal  ; Compassionate Life coaching specializing is stress management, with relief from anxiety.      We put great emphasis in honour and respect for the individual 

We help install  a new mindset and design a bespoke programme to help

you become more proactive and less emotionally vulnerable .


  • Coaching to  help build the persons’ self esteem and giving renewed confidence
  • We show you how to live the life that you want , not the one expected of you by others !!
  • We help you stop repeating  the same old  patterns that give you  the  same old outcomes thereby reinforcing those same old limiting beliefs that hold you back .
  • We teach you how to break this circle.
  • Einstein said:-
    ‘’No problem can truly be solved with the same kind of thinking that created it.’’
  • Coaching works when other things have failed to make any difference, because it comes from within and is not prescriptive in nature.
  • Our Coaching allows  you a new perspective and  a new way of thinking to be integrated into your daily life,  by instigating sustainable change .

Get rid of anxiety and stress we can help put balance back into your life

We also offer Mediation to address relationship concerns , (it’s never too late !)

Ring or email us to find out more on how we can help  01472 399366  mob: 07767 664812