The PCA Objectives

  • Help restore  dignity & Self Respect 

  • To deal compassionately  with  the effects of Depression ,Stress and anxiety  

  • To help people  deal with anxiety to regain a life balance 

  • To  give people the interpersonal tools to take away that will enable them to get the best from their lives.


What The PCA Delivers



  • Coaching and Therapy to regain respect back to the individual!

  • Install  None judgmental actions to build self esteem !

  • A cost effective solution to reduce stress & Anxiety

  • Increases effectiveness and quality of life.

  • Addresses the negative effects of depression leaving long term coping skills ! 

We address  Chronic stress and depression that  builds up for a multitude of reasons, Usually they can be categorized as :-

  1) Internal arising from Self     —  derived from self taught destructive beliefs & behaviours

with poor coping strategies

2)  External others                          —   Poor communications with colleagues and unrealistic


3) Circumstance                              —    Events perceived beyond our immediate control

resulting in ineffective acceptance